Our Family

beignet (ben-yay) noun, a delectable New Orleans’ treat made of fried dough doused in powdered sugar; a gorgeous blue-merle collie

Beignet is a four-year-old rough collie. She enjoys belly rubs, peanut butter Kongs, and her stuffed alligator. Her favorite activities include burping in Holly’s face, sniffing fllowers, herding the living room couch, wrestling with Dad, affectionately nibbling on her parents, and playing with her friends at day care and the dog park. She abhors baths, walks on wet grass, and the kitchen fire alarm.



Holly is a twenty-something acoustics engineer living in Houston, TX with her collie, Beignet. The Houston Collie Rescue introduced Holly to Beignet in April 2010. Beignet appointed Holly as her primary caretaker and belly-rubber. When Holly is not catering to Beignet’s whims, she enjoys running, baking, and butchering the Russian language. She married Beignet’s dad, Jason, in November 2012.


Jason is a thirty-something electrical engineer. He moved to Houston in September 2011, and Beignet promptly bestowed him with the title “Favorite Parent.” Jason enjoys reading and playing games on the computer and Wii.


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